TV Top Pick #11: The Trial of the Chicago 7

I finally got around to watching this after a walking buddy recommended it, saying “It’s written and directed by Aaron Sorkin – you will love it.”   He didn’t mention it also features fascinating performances by Eddie Redmayne and Sacha Baron Cohen. He was right.  It is excellent.

If you were born in the 50’s era you lived through not only this trial, but the times this trial was all about.  Documentary films bringing such recent history to life are compelling and this one does its job very well.  This film is worth watching.  I recommend it highly.  The Vietnam War divided America, separating friends and tearing families apart.  Disagreements with my father about the war led to bitter arguments and our relationship took years to recover.  It bothered me a long time he never admitted I was right.  But watch the film because it so perfectly captures the late 60’s, the cars, the clothes, the attitudes and most importantly, the sense the country was standing at a crossroads and nothing would ever be the same. It never gets heavy-handed or preachy.

Last point:  Jerry Rubin stayed overnight in the same house in St. Paul I was crashing at when he was in town to speak at a big protest rally.  It may have been the protest I wrote about HERE.

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