Top Tier TV Pick #4 – What the Constitution Means to Me

What the Constitution Means to Me” is a video adaptation of an award-winning play (Pulitzer Prize finalist and received two Tony Awards) and it makes the transition to film well.  It centers on Heidi Schreck as a 15 year old who earned her college tuition by competing in Constitutional debate competitions, sponsored by the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars). It turns out one of my good friends participated in these debates and was able to add a good amount of color that enhanced the experience for me.

Reviewers have called it a work of devastating clarity: Funny, compassionate, surprising and optimistic. My recommendation is somewhat reluctant as some might find it painful in parts, but one comes away knowing a great deal more about the document that defines our political landscape.  As a high-school debater, I was flooded with memories of the ingenious way in which debates reveal so many sides of an issue.  The play is impeccably structured with a scintillating script providing an almost roller coaster-like experience as it unfolds and builds to its wonderful ending.  I especially recommend it to anyone with a daughter, or who is a daughter or has had a mother.  Watch it for them. You can find it on Amazon Prime Video.

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