The original “Subscribe here” request

Several significant and momentous events in the past couple of years have me wishing I stayed in better touch with my family and friends. I should have maintained my old email newsletter. That newsletter, graciously described as “a horrid, holiday-family summary run amok,” or by others less gracious as “Larsen’s self-promoting hype about his latest bonehead business venture,” was emailed about once a month in the late 1990’s.  Do you remember it? You may have been lucky and unsubscribed, or maybe not. Unsubscribing was a rather complex process involving dancing naked around a fire at midnight on a moonless night, flinging dead chicken bones about while mumbling lyrics from an obscure Doors tune.  Given the difficulty unsubscribing, it surprised me how so many managed to do it.

Enough about the past! Inspired by two friends who’ve recently launched email newsletters using more modern tools, specifically Philip Richter and Rich Marin, I’ve decided to restart my newsletter.  Having less to say than ever before, I feel now is the ideal time.  You can go here to sign-up:

If I emailed you asking you to subscribe, you may have been an original recipients of my first newsletter. Or, you and I are related.  Or maybe a neighbor, or someone who’s email address I found in my desk and I can’t remember who you are.  Seriously, if you are reading this, you’re in a relatively small group of people with whom I would like to stay in touch.  There are a few stories I want you to hear, some things that have happened to me that I believe you will find interesting and perhaps even compelling.

So, if you are curious or even remotely interested, please take the trouble to follow the link here and subscribe.  This time, I promise I’ll make unsubscribing far easier.

Warm regards,

Steve Larsen

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