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survey-formThis month I’m working on an article about riding in groups. If would help me to get thoughts on this topic from highly experienced riders. I’d appreciate it if you could take this survey. The more broadly the link gets circulated, the better, so if people want to forward it to their riding friends, that would be fine.


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  1. Steve Larsen says:

    Dick Rubin sent me a good email. I thought I’d share it:
    After completing your survey and musing on the questions below, here are some additional thoughts:
    On your point 1 below, my choices begin with people whose company I enjoy, as it applies to extended trips, >2 days. Time on the road is too precious to spend it with people who don’t genuinely enjoy being with one another. Given social compatibility, riding compatibility is next in line. This can be somewhat elastic but in general speaks to speed comfort, affinity for true motorcycle enjoyable roads (twisties of varying degrees) and time in the saddle needs. For example we prefer setting most intermediate destinations on multi day trips to cover upwards of 500 miles and in some cases up to 600 miles. Human range becomes a factor too: how often are stops other than food/fuel required. We prefer none. While it’s nice to have some technically and mechanically competent folks along (we have traveled with Stu Oltman on occasion, for example), the groups I usually form are usually modestly skilled in the technical department. We can go further here if you like (e.g. dining preferences, punctuality, need to chatter or not, etc.)

    My experience differs on changing riding behavior depending on whether it is a chapter sponsored ride or a personally planned ride. For chapter rides, we usually group people by riding preferences noted above and always allow for outriding. It’s difficult with folks who lack group riding experience and/or have never taken the appropriate group riding seminars offered by GWRRA (I teach them fairly regularly). When I lead a group on shorter rides (day rides or 2 day rides), I may frequently adjust riding style for the group, mainly to allow everyone to get a positive group experience. While this is not my preference, I’ll do it for the good of the club. For the longer range ride I plan and do, responses to point one above are operative. More here if you wish.

    My preferred group size is three or four. Larger groups can get unwieldy. When circumstances placed me in a larger group, I will often outride.