Rupes Bigfoot Ibrid Nano Polisher

Detailing a motorcycle is not considered a sane activity. Rather, rarely paying attention to the cosmetic condition of one’s muddy mount can be a badge of honor. Alternatively, a slow, methodical bike cleaning method allows examining the bike, checking for loose fasteners. It’s common to find something needing attention. I’ve never felt the need for anything beyond normal motorcycle cleaners, a few good rags and some wax, until now. Continue reading

Innovation of the Month: Pro MotorCar PrepPen

By: Steve Larsen Half a dozen years ago, or more, I acquired a PrepPen, although I’ve no idea how or why. It sat around untouched for a few months. One day when replacing the batteries on a rarely-used flashlight, I grabbed it to see if the PrepPen could remove the… Continue reading