Phoenix Police – Motor Officer Training School


School Overview
To apply to this school you must be a police officer for at least 3 years and have a clean record. You need to pass a written test and oral interview. Class size is small. The class I attended had six students and four instructors.
Curriculum / Course Desription
Two weeks at a 17-acre training facility followed by a week on the street. Each day begins at 6 am and ends around 3:30 pm. Training is intense and students wear knee pads, elbow pads, vests, gloves and eye protection. It is not unusual to dump the training bikes 20-30 times per day during the first week. Only officers passing a demanding timed trial at the end of week 2 are allowed to move on to Week 3. If an officer passes Week 3, they’re assigned to a more experienced officer and undergo six months of on-the-job training where many of the drills used during training are practiced before or after the work day.
Larsen’s Review
This was the most physically and psychologically demanding training in which I’ve ever participated. I wrote about it here. These three articles in Motorcycle Consumer News provide detailed descriptions of many of the exercises the officers went through.
Student Comments
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