Northwest Motorcycle School


School Overview
This school offers training in Portland, Oregon. Their methods are based on teaching techniques used in motor officer training and they use current and former motor officers as instructors. “You never see a motor officer paddling around, hesitant to make a U-turn… No, heads up, shoulders relaxed, the motor officer’s feet are on the boards as soon as the bike is moving. Riding side by side, bad weather or good, in heavy traffic or in pursuit, motor officers exude an air of confidence and control that comes from being an expert in their craft. You too can ride like a motor officer.”
Curriculum / Course Desription
Using ex-police bikes, small class sizes and a high student-instructor ratio they teach aggressive braking and escape techniques, obstacle avoidance skills, bike management at a variety of speeds and how to handle the bike in tight spaces. This is an intensive 40+ hour class over four days. Key components of the class include: clutch, throttle and brake control combined with proper head and eye placement; Immersion in braking techniques, defensive driving, curve negotiation, street riding and precision riding through specially designed cone patterns that require locked turns along with radical changes of direction in tight places.
Larsen’s Review
I am scheduled to take this class in the spring of 2009.
Student Comments
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