School Overview
MotoVentures is a full-time dirt bike training school that’s been providing a wide variety of high quality motorcycle adventures and training since 1998. This includes trials riding, dual sport tours and dirt bike adventures. It was formed by a group of hard-core motorcycle riders and industry professionals with a desire to share their passion for dirt biking and expert knowledge of how and where to ride. They have a large fleet of like new Yamaha dirt bikes and riding gear, their own private/exclusive land and employ highly professional and accomplished instructors. They also provide all gear, including boots, helmets, gloves, pants and shirts.
Curriculum / Course Desription
MotoVentures not only offers motocross and dirt bike rider training, specialized trials riding, and business group events at their own Rider Training Centers (one near Los Angeles) but they also offer multi-day guided dual sport tours in the American Southwest, from Arizona to California to Baja.
Larsen’s Review
I’ve attended several training sessions and a tour with MotoVentures and have written and reviewed them several times. Here is a review in RIDER Magazine. Here is another one in Motorcycle Consumer News. MotoVentures is unique in that they’re very good with families and have something for just about every rider, from beginners to experts, from small kids to grownups.
Student Comments
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