Lee Parks Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic


School Overview
Lee Park’s total Control Advanced Riding Clinic is aimed at the gap between the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Experienced Rider Course (ERC) and racetrack schools. It is for riders wishing to improve their skills but unwilling to take on the risks associated with a high-speed environment. Their goal is to improve your riding, provide a better understanding of how your bike works and give the ability to self-diagnose riding problems in the future, all in a friendly and professional manner with a high teacher–to-student ratio.
Curriculum / Course Desription
Classroom training which includes theory and the application of Total Control ARC techniques. Riders get a good understanding of how their actions affect their bikes. In the suspension portion of the class, riders learn how to analyze the effectiveness of their suspension and how to set it up for maximum control and comfort.
The range portion of the training is done in a large parking lot where each of the skills are individually broken down and practiced. Each skill is built up in small two-mph increments until the desired result is achieved. This allows for high confidence and never gets too scary. In fact, cornering speeds never go above 25 mph.
Larsen’s Review
I’ve attended and written a review of the TCARC. Publication is pending.
Student Comments
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