Keith Code’s California Superbike School


School Overview
California Superbike School began in 1980 and has become recognized as one of the foremost motorcycle schools in the world. In the past two decades CSS has taught 100,000 street riders and 15 U.S. Superbike Champions. CSS operates on four continents, offering full rider training for riders of full dresser Harleys and Cruisers to GP and Sportbikes.
Curriculum / Course Desription
CA Superbike Schools offer a stepped training program with 4 separate levels. Each is taught by trained, professional riding coaches. Level I covers the six most common riding errors and why the rider may make them. On-track exercises help riders observe and correct common errors such as: corner entry speeds, rider generated instability, intermittent traction, sloppy turn entry positioning, imprecise steering and poor bike/rider interface. Level II integrates the fundamental exercises from Level 1 by training students to process visual information rapidly. Via on-track training, students learn target fixation, corner familiarization, corner definition and organizing space to suit the corner. Level III addresses proactive and technical points on riding – from body positioning choices that affect the cornering process, to proper interface with the bike. Level IV takes an assessment of the student’s skills and a unique program is designed for each student.
Larsen’s Review
I have attended and reviewed this school. The review is here.
Student Comments
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