Most of my blog posts are about motorcycles.

Steve, suited up in cycle gear

Over the years I’ve returned time and again to ride off-road bikes around Moab, UT

Select cool motorcycle training schools are outlined here.

For the past 25 years I’ve ridden and wrote about motorcycles, working hard to become the best rider possible.  I was a regular writer for Motorcycle Consumer News, and RIDER magazine, and an occasional contributor to several other publications, including The Overland Journal, BackRoads Magazine and RoadRunner.  My travel articles have appeared a many daily newspapers as well.  I’ve led motorcycle tours in northern California, Utah, Italy and New Zealand. I’m a past member of the Arizona Precision Motorcycle Drill Team and participate in competitions and team performances as well as teaching enhanced motorcycle skills. I’ve taken advanced riding classes with Keith Code, Gary LaPlante, Ed Melroy and Lee Parks, among others. As far as I know, I’m the only civilian to have ever participated in motor officer training programs with both the Phoenix Police Department and the Arizona Highway Patrol. You can read some of my published work about that here and here WingWorld and here Sheriffs Magazine.

I’m still riding my motorcycle in good weather here in Phoenix—3-4 times a week. Other times I trailer it north to Moab, UT for off-road rides. I ride with two motorcycle groups. The most official is the American Flyers Motorcycle Club (AFMC). They organize two big rides a year, one domestic the other international (we’ve ridden in Italy, Croatia, Spain, Turkey, New Zealand and many other countries). Portions of the group also split off and do rides with a smaller number of members. The adventures with this group could easily fill a book. [Read more: Blog posts about bikes]

Below is a gallery of some of my motorcycle adventures.  You’ll find a lot more stories under the newsletter tab.  Here is an example of my Trial’s Bike riding experiences.  Click on a photo and you’ll see it full size.  This is more of a a placeholder until I can organize things better:

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