Plast-aid: Plastic Repair Kit

Plast-aidFew articles since the publication of my JIS screwdriver review have caused as much sensation or were as fun to write at the one on Plast-aid. Article, Motorcycle Consumer News – April, 2014 (PDF)

First off the product really works, and works far better than anything I’ve ever found for fixing plastic parts on motorcycles. The second was working with Randy Amen, the president of Plast-aid and one of the founders. I LOVE finding small companies that have found one thing that they do well, better than anyone else, and focus exclusively on it.

Lastly, the versatility of this stuff, never ceases to amaze me. You can find a link to a video on their site here that shows some of what you can do with it as it goes through its various curing stages. Link to Plast-aid website with video I’ve ended up using it to fix dishwasher racks, garage doors, my Lotus Elan as well as motorcycles. Try this stuff, you’ll love it and can’t believe you got along so far without it.

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