Photographs:  Dakar 2021

Ten years ago I tracked the 2011 Dakar Rally in Argentina and Chile for The Overland Journal Magazine.  In the article I said the Dakar Rally was to dirt bike riders what The Vatican is to Catholics, what Hollywood is to movie buffs and the Grand Ole Opry is to country music lovers. Bringing together the best riders in the world also attracts the top photographers, especially when the race covers some of the most beautiful and harshest landscapes on the planet.

Follow this link to see a collection of photographs pulled together by The Atlantic magazine, featuring photographs by Franck Fife and Hamad Mohammed.  This extraordinary compilation of images gives you a brief glimpse into what 300 brave souls experienced in 2021 during the 43rd annual Dakar Rally, a 14-day, 4,751 mile off-road trek in Saudi Arabia.  If you’ve never read my report from the 2011 Dakar Rally, please take a look at it here.


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  1. Chris says:


    Nice post.

    Amazing to see the images from the race in Saudi Arabia, especially as they are not too open to tourists and outsiders rarely see much of the country, and while some stuff is posted from locals, not seen much from there. Some amazing scenery, would love to see some of it someday, but doubtful things will change in my lifetime to allow visits there.

    Also enjoyed your 2011 Dakar article, had not read that before, and while I knew you had done the trip, had never really heard much on the details, sounds like quite the ordeal and both amazing fun and exciting while being difficult and crushing at the same time (but hey, that is what makes a simple trip become an adventure!)


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