On order: 2015 Polaris RZR XP4 1000 EPS

RZR XP4 1000
After renting a 4 passenger RZR in Utah earlier this year and riding with Maggie, Jean Kirby and Arthur Einstein, I returned home and instantly sold my two passenger RZR 800S and began shopping for a 4 passenger model. As much fun as my 2-person RZR riding experiences were, having four people along is going to be way more than double the fun. As always, the shopping and comparison phase stretched out for 6-8 weeks. And trust me, this is the sort of research I just love.
Here is the summary between the top two choices:

# 1. 2014/5 Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 EPS. New in 2014, improved for 2015. Very long trailing arms which will improve handling and ride considerably. Horsepower is up to 107/110. Extraordinary suspension travel – up to 18 inches rear, 16 in front. The Polaris has hinged, latching doors vs. nets on the Can-am – edge to Polaris. The engine is made by Polaris, custom to these vehicles. The 2014 engine had some problem with the drive belt overheating and breaking, although it seems this was only reported by those who’d failed to properly break them in. That said, having to change a belt in the field is not my idea of a fun day. To address the issue, the 2015 model incorporates new direct flow intake covers, a new belt and a new clutch cover with more ducting to provide twice the airflow to the clutches. When it comes to ride, the Polaris with its super long trailing arm and 18/16 inch of suspension travel, slightly edges out the Can-am, even though the Can-am has the slightly better shocks (top-of-the-line Fox shocks on Can-am, Excellent Walker Evans on the Polaris). Although, with the lower center of gravity, I could also argue quite persuasively that the Can-am handles better. Maybe this area is a toss up?
maverick 1000

# 2. 2014 Can‐am Maverick Max X rs DPS: Nicer interior and better seats than the Polaris. More passenger room, better grab bars for passengers. It is discounted a bit more than the Polaris and may not quite hold its value as much. Polaris outsells them 5 to 1. I know its not a deal breaker, but the Can-am comes in YELLOW, a real turn on for me, although no one else cares. The engine is lower in the vehicle for a better/lower center of gravity, but that also puts the engine directly under the rear passenger seats. Being in Arizona, with our heat, this is a factor. Rotax engine on the Can-am which I’m familiar with on several BMW motorcycles and they are just bullet-proof.

Why they both sound as if they were named after fax machines, I don’t know. But I finally decided to go with the Polaris. They are both top-of-the-line quality rides, but I think Polaris is just doing everything right these days. It should arrive here the middle of October, in time to take faux neice & nephew for a ride when they visit from Minneapolis at the end of October.

Now that I’ve put a deposit on the Polaris, I’m in the “anticipation” phase of experience.* I have to keep reminding myself that this will be the best part.

For you that have never heard of this, it is Larsen theory #11: Every experience in life has three parts: The anticipation, the event itself, the memory. Of the three, the anticipation is almost always the sweetest. (Think about it for a minute – Christmas when you were a kid, losing your virginity, going to college, a child’s birth, your first brand new car or motorcycle. I’m right, aren’t I? Always strive to live in the moment, enjoy all three aspects of every experience to the fullest.)

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