Off to Italy

Maybe this year (2012) I will do a better job at keeping my blog updated. I sure hope so. Looking back and seeing that my last post was on the Dakar trip, I’m overwhelmed with what all has happened since. In short I completed the Dakar article and it will be coming out this summer. When it does, I’ll point to it here, of course.
On the home front, in the attempt to get more garage space I eventually determined I needed to buy a new house with a larger garage. So, in April, we moved to a 2 bedroom house with 5 garages. This 2.5 ratio of garages/bedrooms seems ideal to me and I’m happier than I’ve ever been with my new garage space.
Circumstances allowed for an extended visit to northern Italy this winter. Although a bit cold here (temp is typically between 37 – 41 degrees), it provides the opportunity to visit several of the more noteworthy motorcycle factories here in northern Italy without fighting crowds and standing in lines.

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