Mogollon Rim Road

Christa from Road Runner magazine (a terrific publication, by the way, and if you don’t subscribe you absolutely should) was here a few weeks back and asked me about riding the Mogollon Rim Road. It is a 55 mile forest service road from Forest Lakes to Show Low, AZ and runs 5-10 miles south of Hwy 260 right along the rim. At the time (early spring) reports said it was too damp, too rutted and nasty for motorcycles, so she passed.

rim road 1However, I was curious about it so I did the ride on Wednesday. Round trip from the house was 396 miles so it made for a long day (of course, the route I chose was partially responsible). However the intensity of the Rim Road ride and especially the last 7.7 miles would lead me to recommend this as “the” primary ride of the day and not to try and put too much before and certainly, not too much after you get off this road – as you will be beat. Here is a more complete description of the road and some more photos. Let me know what you think: mogollan-rim-road

Best bike for this would be a dual sport oriented more toward off-road. I was on my Wee-Strom and would have much preferred a 1200GS or any KTM.

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  1. arthure says:

    This looks like a wonderful ride, except for the slush. They put down gravel on our road every so often so I know the feeling – for 500 ft. – not 7 miles! I love being out there where nobody is. But a little pavement would be nice.