Five things Social Media does, like it or not

Yesterday my friend Frank Del Monte recommended a new documentary film called The Social Dilemma.  Maggie and I watched it last night and were stunned.  If you’ve ever used Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc. it explains how these platforms work and why you see what you see.  It is an exceptionally well done film and does not talk down to anyone.

This morning I’m alerting my friends to find this film and watch it as soon as they can.  It explains a lot.  Once my “alerting” is completed, I plan to watch it once more then do a longer write up here, detailing why these findings are so incredibly important and the impact I think these platforms are having on all of our lives – and not all for the good. But for right now, please make time to watch this movie.  That way, my analysis will have more impact for you as you’ll have seen what I’m talking about.  Let me predict something: After you watch this, you will be doing what I am, telling your friends and family to watch it, too.  What actions you decide to take are your own.

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  1. Alona Sukhina says:

    Steve, I’m glad you mention this documentary on your blog. I watched it after Armand recommended it to me, and it was one of the most eye-opening, interesting, and terrifying documentaries I have ever seen, and have been also recommending it to all of my friends! The father of one of my teenage patient’s, who is on her phone all day and suffers from depression, also recommended it, who said he will drastically change his daughter’s social media time after watching it.

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