A Perfect Marriage Proposal

Watching daughter Ginger and future son-in-law deliver the news of their wedding engagement, and hearing the details of the proposal and ring unveiling, triggered memories of my proposal to Maggie, Ginger’s mother.  There is a chance future son-in-law Chris may share a similar romantic planning ineptitude gene with me. Leading… Continue reading

From Superman Dreams to Soaring Realities: Through the Skies and the Art of Quitting

The Dunning-Kruger Effect states the less we know about a particular topic, the more we think we know. It’s what won David Dunning and Justin Kruger the Nobel Prize and what I wrote about here. The effect was discussed in the above-referenced newsletter on motorcycle riding, so I’ll not elaborate,… Continue reading

A Debate Champion’s Guide: How to find the truth.

Competing in debate, our Fairmont High School team accumulated an impressive series of wins, ultimately landing us in completion for the state championship in Minnesota. Debate wins come by accumulating points.  Not only the “quality and reasonableness” of an argument, but the sources used to back it up.  We learned… Continue reading