Gearbox / Transmission / Clutch Process

Arizona Differential dismantled and examined everything looking for any damaged gears, there were none.  They installed new inner and outer axle bearings, rings and seals along with new ring and pinion bearing seals.

Cottman Transmission in Phoenix specializes in transmission repair and one of their specialists in the backroom on the transmission bench was in his mid 60’s and happy to see the Elan transmission as he was familiar with it.  He took the transmission apart and carefully examined everything.  Some gears did show some wear, but not enough to recommend any replacements.  He cleaned each gear completely and reassembled it.  His feeling was these gears were a happy family that had been working well together.  If he’d changed even one, the others would have gotten jealous.

The clutch required nothing.  It looked as if it were newly replaced, and indeed, it had been replaced at about 30,000 miles, so was relatively new.

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