Carburetors and Fuel System Process

Carbs:  The carburetors got new floats and a new set of needles and seats.  They were then balanced, making sure the air fuel mixture is perfect.  The motor always fires right up and feels exceptionally strong and smooth. Initially we had a slight lag just as you got on the gas in 3rd and 4th from a constant speed, but it was hardly noticeable and completely disappeared once the air filters were installed.


Jim Unsworth was amazed to find that the original inspection stickers were still attached to the carburetors.

Fuel Pump: We converted from the stock mechanical fuel pump to a more reliable electronic fuel pump and located it in the trunk near the gas tank for better fuel flow to the carburetors and fewer problems.  A Carter in-line Pump (Summit racing part #: CRT-P60504) provides the relatively low fuel pressure the Zenith-Stromberg carburetors prefer.

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