Body Process – 2

Once off, the body went to body expert and paint master, Avo Kullukian.  Kullukian has been the “go to” painter for Porsche, DeTomaso Pantera and Lamborghini owners, new and old, for years in Arizona. His paint work on a restored Pantera that won national honors and magazine cover stories gained particular mention for the outstanding paint.  Kullukian agreed to treat this like his own car.  The Elan shared good company when it was at his shop, often surrounded by new Lamborghinis and high-end Porsches.

At Brian Buckland’s direction, Kullukian reinforced several areas of the car body with additional fiberglass. The area holding the windshield got extra fill as well as the areas underneath where it attaches to the body. Sometimes people reach for the windshield and use it to pull themselves out of the car – a really bad idea.  Although this hadn’t been a problem area for this car, Buckland had Kullukian do this work, to prevent any future problems.  Buckland also had Kullukian add additional fiberglass and put in new bobbins where the body attaches to the frame.

Once all the old paint is removed and the body has been sanded to perfection, it was next sprayed with a product called “Kitty Hair,” a long strand fiberglass reinforced body filler.  This is what the primer coat is applied to and is designed to keep stress cracks from appearing for many years. It also helps that my fiberglass has matured and has quit moving around and shrinking in localized areas. This ensures this paint job will continue to look pristine for many, many years into the future.

Headlight pods:  Buckland helped reassemble the headlight pods and made sure they worked perfectly.

Badges and Emblems:  All of the original badges and emblems were cleaned up and reused.  The original side mirror was cleaned and looks new, so went back on the car.

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