Body Process – 1

A wood frame (built by Brett Engel and pictured below) is built for holding and supporting the Elan body when off the car.  It has castors to make moving the body once it is removed from the frame easy.

The wood frame has two purposes:  First, it makes it much easier to move the car body with no damage, but second, and more importantly, it keeps the light (220 lb.) fiberglass frame straight and true as it is mounted to the wood frame using the same mounting spots as when it is mounted to the body.  We’d read about Elan restorations where car bodies were stored on their sides, against a wall, to make more room in the shop.  After resting like this, sometimes for months on end, the car body was far more difficult to fit perfectly back on the frame. By taking the above approach, when we slid the body back onto the frame, every bolt lined up perfectly.

When doing body work, space is critical.  Avo Kullukian’s shop is well laid out and spacious.

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