Step 4A: Evaluation – Restoration Pluses

The starting point for any project of this scope is to fully understand the platform on which you will begin.  This section outlines the pluses, the things which made us happy beginning with this particular car in this particular shape.  The next section (4B), which is a bit longer, will deal with the minuses.

  • Essentially, a one-owner car since new. Never abused, never raced, never tracked, never in an accident.
  • Everything done to the car since 1972 is known, with all original service invoices.
  • It has never been hit. The body is in very good shape with only one small parking lot bump on the driver’s rear quarter panel.
  • It is original. When anything broke on the car and it need to be fixed or replaced, I always used original Lotus parts.
  • It was always stored, carefully – often in climate controlled garages.
  • Proper storage steps were always followed – oil added to the top of the cylinders, rubber and plastic parts treated with 303 UV Protection, and all metal parts sprayed with WD-40 or other water displacement products.
  • The car shows little to no rust.
  • Until the final 5-6 years before the rebuild, the car has been driven nearly every year of its life.  It had gone from regular daily transport when new and during its first five years with me, to eventually becoming a second car.  It became the “fun car,” to take to car shows and periodic longer excursions every month or two.

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