Available Documentation for this Elan

A PDF version of this documentation list is also available.

Photo Description
Letter from Andy Graham, Lotus archivist, about my Elan
Certificate of Provenance from Lotus Factory Archivist
Large 3-ring binder containing information from nearly fifty years of owning this Elan. Sections as follows: 1) Provenance, 2) Legal/Title/DMV, 3) Original Repair Invoices from 1972 to 2006, 4) Detailed Description of Restoration Process, 5) Restoration Cost Summary, 6) Every restoration invoice (a section for Dave Bean Engineering and a section for all others), 7) Select Restoration Photographs, 8) This Car’s History (1972 – Present), 9) A list of all Lotus Spare Parts available in the event someone would want it to put into a fully original state, aka the original radiator, rubber donuts, etc.
Original Lotus Owner’s Handbook
Original Service Voucher Book
Plastic or vinyl holder for above books. May have come from the dealer.
The original workshop manual which came with the car. It is in a 4-ring binder, A4 paper size. It is brilliantly done and contains specific instructions on how to do everything on the car. In the mid-80s, I noticed a few of the pages getting greased stained and some of the holes beginning to rip. I scanned the original and made a duplicate copy of the book (below).
This book is identical to the above, but is 3-ring bound and standard letter size paper (8½ x 11). It became the book most frequently used, and tabs were added along with section dividers, making it easier to refer to frequently. It also kept the original from becoming more shop worn.
Brian Buckland’s book is an internationally recognized masterpiece of everything you’ll want to know when rebuilding a Lotus Elan – the definitive “how-to” and step-by-step guide for restoring, rebuilding and maintaining this legionary car. The book is an addendum to the above Lotus Engineering Workshop manual, not a replacement. These went out-of-print for a while and sold for as much as $700 in good shape. My sources tell me they are back in print and available at more reasonable prices.
Two copies of the Lotus West Tech Manual. While living in Los Angeles, I joined the Lotus West Lotus Owner’s Group. This active group, at one point, gathered many years worth of their published technical information and tips on maintaining a Lotus and put it into this helpful 3-ring binder.
To aid in our rebuild project, a number of 3-ring binders were created which capturing all of the information I could find for a certain area or task (shocks and suspension, the engine, etc.) Applicable pages were pulled and reproduced from the Lotus Engineering manual, Buckland’s book, the Lotus West Tech Manual, and information gleaned from the LotusElan.net website. The three pictured books here are for Cam Timing: Short Form, Wiring the Dashboard, and routing of the brake lines (which also included a lot of pictures from the car before it was taken apart).
Same as above. These three binders cover the engine, front and rear suspension and body, oil baffle and other things.
This folder is full of informative items: 1) 5-page interview with Gordon Murray where he raves about the Lotus Elan, 2) Ronnie Schreiber’s article in 2014 arguing that the Lotus Elan is the most influential sports car ever made, 3) Sports Car International’s article rating the top ten sports cars of the 1960’s, putting the Lotus Elan at #6, in front of the Ferrari 250 GT SWB, GTB/4, 250 GTO, Maserati Ghibli and Porsche 356C, 4) Reprint from Octane Magazine on testing an Elan S4, 5) Photo story of Gordon Murray and his red Elan SE in Classic Car magazine, 6) a couple of issues of Automobile Magazine with information on my particular Elan, 7) Diagram of recommended Elan chassis improvements based on the racing version of the Elan, the 26R, 8) A Lotus technical paper on the Importance of Running In, 9) Reprint of an article from Car Magazine, January 1966, comparing the Lotus Elite and Lotus Elan. 10) Full issue in mint condition of Classic & Sports Car from March 1997, cover with a Lotus Elan Sprint and the story, “Best Ever Lotus.” 11) Sept 1967 issue of Sports Graphic with the Lotus Elan S/E on the cover and an article reviewing it inside. 12) A host of swag gathered when I visited the Lotus factory in the fall of 1973 to learn about my car. All the above is in a folder they gave me when I visited the factory.
All legal and other files on the Elan. The original title, some information for any new owner of the car, some useful tips on electronics and other misconceptions people sometimes have about these cars, all the original provenance paperwork and letter from the factory about my car, some info on the Elan’s carburetors, documentation for the digital Air/Fuel ration gauge I’d installed in the car early on to maximize precision in tuning the carburetors and how to re-install it if one wanted to do that.
Two pristine auction books from Gooding & Company, for its January 29th and 30th auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. My Elan, this one, is pictured in the second book, (Saturday’s auctions – Lot #107). It comes immediately after a 2011 Porsche 997 GT3 RS 3.8 and before a 1958 Porsche 356 A Speedster. My Elan crossed the block and sold for $55,000 with buyer’s premium. Through a fortuitous set of circumstances I was able to “buy” the car back, and the title was returned to me by Gooding & Company. I had been hesitant to sell the Elan but got caught up in the process. I was desperately sad and nearly inconsolable after the sale, realizing I’d made a terrible mistake. Lucky for me, the buyer was kind and accommodating, allowing us to reach an understanding and way for me to keep the car.
A Mistress in the Garage (cover) This coffee table sized book documents the rebuild/restoration process. It’s not intended for anyone to buy, really, but to document the 21 months of work and the people that helped make it happen. This link most likely will let you get a FREE version or you can download an eBook version for less than $6 and for you crazy folks, order the big, suitable for coffee table, book.

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