My business is starting companies, nearly all in high-tech and venture-funded. Typically I served as co-founder and CEO, with the goal of driving massive amounts of progress within short periods of time. I had a knack for getting the right people on the bus, the right people off it, and then together figuring out where to drive the thing. Most last start-up role was as CEO and Co-founder of PhoneTell and before that, Krugle, Inc. PhoneTell was a comprehensive cloud-based contact database for mobile devices and Krugle (sold in 2009) was a search engine for source code.ATT, IBM, other corporate logos

Business Articles

  • What’s Hot and What’s Not (PDF): November, 2006 – This piece in BizTech Magazine quotes me on IT skills and hiring practices.
  • Things Will Never Be the Same: After the tech crash of 2000-2001, I tried to pull my thoughts together into a book, tentatively titled What Were We Thinking. The following would have been the first chapter. It describes the heady time when people were just beginning to talk about the possibilities of the Net, before venture money began pouring in and before everyone began to think about “getting big fast.” The time frame is October, 1996… [more]
  • Electronically, We’re All Neighbors. In October of 1997 I was asked to speak about online communities at the Camden Technology Conference, the precursor to PopTech. A “hot topic” at the time, computer users had started to form interest groups online around everything from politics to cars. The event gave me the opportunity to think back to the early 1980’s when the idea of meeting and communicating over a computer first appeared. [more]

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