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December 16, 2005

Rider magazine coverWhat’s got me thinking today is the amount of time between some of my motorcycle experiences and when they’re seen in print. Versus what happens in the blogging world. For instance, a couple of weeks ago the January 2006 issue of Rider Magazine arrived on newsstands with my article “Northern California Fantasy: Sharing the best in the Golden State.” You can find a PDF of the article at the American Flyers Web Site. This is the group with which I made this particular trip. Anyway, we took that trip in October. Of 2004. Fifteen months ago. Now, I’ll admit, this wasn’t typical in that the first target for my piece decided to pass, but that delay only accounts for a few weeks. Fifteen months! But the blogosphere is so fast it amazes me. Sheesh. And since you’ll need to wait many months to finally see my Turkey article in print, here’s a pointer to Philip Richter’s very fine journal of the trip and please don’t read anything into the “buttercup” bit.

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