Reg Pridmore’s CLASS Motorcycle School


School Overview
CLASS is about being a better rider, aimed at the street rider, sport rider or aspiring racers. CLASS is more than open track time, although they are racers and believe that being fast on the racetrack starts with doing it right. CLASS is not for beginners, but for intermediate and advanced riders. It is for riders seeking more confidence – and sometimes for riders with too much confidence that have decided to back it up with some sound technique and track practice. Focus and control are primary elements with a strong emphasis on being considerate and courteous towards other riders. This allows riders of all abilities to share the track safely and has resulted in CLASS having an extraordinary safety record.
Curriculum / Course Desription
CLASS divides participants into two, or sometimes three groups. The focus is on teaching how to become a smoother, safer and more confident rider. Instruction covers effective braking, shifting, cornering and how to avoid some pitfalls that often occur as a result of bad habits. The “A” group is for more advanced riders, even some racers. The “B” group is for the more conservative types but comfortable on the track. If they run 3 groups, the Novice group is for riders who have not been on the track before. While one group is in the classroom, the other is on the track in alternating sessions in 15-20 minute sessions.
Larsen’s Review
I have not yet attended or reviewed the CLASS program.
Student Comments
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