Responses to JIS Innovation of the Month

I wasn’t surprised to see Dave at MCN publish several Letters to the Editor about JIS screwdrivers, as I’d gotten half a dozen emails from people about the article as well.  Here are the two that were published.  Letters to Editor about JIS Screwdrivers. I WAS surprised to see that… Continue reading

Test ride for Andy’s Lake Como trip

Andy is contemplating a MC ride in this area in the fall. Yesterday I checked it out. West out of Treviso to Trento, then north to Revo. West over passo del Tonale, then Colico at far north end of Lake Como, then down the east shoreline, bypass Milan, through Verona… Continue reading

how to subscribe

Someone asked in the comments: “Is it possible to get notified of future updates from your blog?” The answer is yes, absolutely. See down below in the right column where it says “RSS Feeds”? If you click on either “Posts” or “Comments” there, you’ll see something godawful ugly. However, if… Continue reading