Back from Washington State

“Seattle Bob” and his bride, Willo, planned the ultimate motorcycle ride for members of the American Flyers Motorcycle Club in Washington state. I arrived in Seattle on September 9 and picked up a Yamaha FJR1300 and began a most awesome experience, which will ultimately be documented for sure on the AFMC web site and hopefully by RIDER magazine, as well. Attending this event were: Willo Bellwood, Arthur “Living Legend” Einstein, Roger “Harley” Hansen, Mark Jarman, Jean Kirby, “Gator Bob” Kirby, Maggie Larsen, J.J. and Mary O’Doherty, Philip Richter, Karen and Kevin Ward.

There is more to tell here, but that will need to come later.

P.S. Well, RIDER did indeed publish details of this trip and you can read it here. Terrific photo’s from Bob Meador and awesome layout from the RIDER staff. Enjoy!

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