Keith Code’s Latest Article

Earlier today I got an email from Keith Code pointing me to some of his latest thinking on riding (article no longer on the net). In addition to being one of the best motorcycle instructors on the planet, Keith thinks deeply about nearly all aspects of riding. This article comes out of his research and thinking and, as always, is quite thought provoking. It sheds some light and clears a good bit of confusion that riders tend to have about the technique, skill and tricks area of riding and why some things work well and others are difficult to apply. I’d be curious to others’ reactions to it.

One of these days I’ll get the articles I wrote on attending Keith’s Schools up on my web site. But in the meantime, check out this paper (missing) from the master.

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One Response to Keith Code’s Latest Article

  1. Tom Simon says:

    Happy New Year Steve!
    I read Keith Code’s article. It is certainly thought provoking. I appreciate his thoughts on the aspects of riding that he’s discussing there. Most riders that I know ride for very different reasons than I do… many are ‘twice-a-year weekenders’ taking their old ladies to Payson for a beer and back. Some find it to be an economical, alternate form of transportation. Some guys like to look tough (usually for them, it’s enough to just look tough! Many that I know use motorcycles as tools to do their job…obviously. I aspire to be all those guys and many more that I couldn’t think of to describe. I have a passion for riding, moreover, riding right. The thoughtfulness that Keith puts into his riding and teaching didn’t go unnoticed by me when we attended his school, even with my poor little ol’ pea-pickin’ brain. I sat truly humbled by his knowledge and experience and ability to share that with each of us. As in this article, he strikes deeply to the core of so many issues that go without notice by seemingly every rider. I hang on his words and continue to apply the techniques he taught me. This particular article helps me to think of my riding on yet another dimension.