My business is starting companies, nearly all in high-tech and venture-funded. Typically I serve as co-founder and CEO, with the goal of driving massive amounts of progress within short periods of time. I have a knack for getting the right people on the bus, the right people off it, and then together figuring out where to drive the thing. Most recently I was CEO and Co-founder of PhoneTell and before that, Krugle, Inc. PhoneTell is the world’s greatest, most comprehensive cloud-based contact database for mobile devices and Krugle (sold in 2009) was a search engine for source code.

Recent Business Articles

  • What’s Hot and What’s Not (PDF): November, 2006 – This piece in BizTech Magazine quotes me on IT skills and hiring practices.
  • Reusable Code For All: October, 2006 – This is an article I wrote for .Net Magazine, a UK web development publication.

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