I started this blog in 1997 — as a personal website. But the tools were not that good then and I lost interest. In the fall of 2005 I moved to Menlo Park to begin another start-up company and this time decided, during the time I’m not working, to get back into the swing of sharing some of the things I find interesting. So, who is Steve Larsen?

The most up-to-date information is available on LinkedIn.

Business: For the most part I transverse two worlds that rarely meet. To many I’m an early-stage, high-tech CEO (most recently as co-founder and CEO of PhoneTell, Inc. and right before that as co-founder and CEO of Krugle, Inc.) and former venture capitalist who’s had the good fortune to be part of the founding teams of companies such as CitySearch, BigFix and Net Perceptions. There’s a whole list and profile on LinkedIn. While at Net Perceptions I launched a site (now long gone) called and subsequently began the Personalization Summits, a series of conferences for executives in the CRM, personalization and internet privacy space. In 1994, I wrote Competing in CyberSpace: Guidelines for Market-Driven Web Site Planning and Design.

Bikes: When not in CEO roles, I ride and write about motorcycles, and work hard to become the best rider I possibly can — just as I work hard to be the best early-stage CEO ever. I am a regular contributor to Motorcycle Consumer News, and Rider magazine, and an occasional contributor to several others, including BackRoads Magazine and RoadRunner. I’ve led motorcycle tours in northern California, Utah and New Zealand. I’m a member of the Arizona Precision Motorcycle Drill Team and participate in competitions and team performances as well as teaching enhanced motorcycle skills. I’ve taken advanced riding classes with Keith Code, Gary LaPlante and Lee Parks, among others. As far as I know, I’m the only civilian to have ever participated in motor officer training programs with both the Phoenix Police Department and the Arizona Highway Patrol. You can read some of my published work here.

Family: I’ve been married to Margaret for 30 years (in Dec. of 2011), and my daughter Ginger graduated from college in the spring of 2006. Her first job was at Google, then she tried to help Nolan Bushnell with his idea for a new restaurant in Mountain View, CA called uWink. She moved to SF and joined a bunch of her friends at Zynga. We’ve had a home in Phoenix for over seven years and beginning in January of 2010 I began spending most of my time there. Fun vehicles in Arizona include a Honda GL-1800 Goldwing, a Suzuki V-Strom, an Acura NSX, a ’69 Lotus Elan and a ’11 Polaris Razor. I still dream about getting a very fast airplane if one of these companies I’ve been involved in ever hits.

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