Dakar Rally Article now available

My feature story on the Dakar Rally in Argentina and Chile appears in the current issue of The Overland Journal. Some diligent friends have found the magazine at Barnes & Noble and at airport news stands. But many have told me they can’t find it anywhere. Not unexpected, this is a super high quality publication that tends to disappear quickly.

But, I don’t want you to miss it for any reason, so here it is!
Overland Journal – Summer 2012 – Dakar Story.

Don’t miss the Summer 2012 issue of the Overland Journal

Well, it’s finally arrived – the summer 2012 issue of the Overland Journal. One of its feature articles is my story on the Dakar Rally in Argentina and Chile. In theory it should be on newsstands and Barnes & Nobles and Books-a-million, but I’ve not had any luck finding it. If you want to see it, best to order it.
Besides my article, I found Johan Nilson’s Pole2Pole story and photos amazing! The travel camera comparison article has the best advice on buying a small, light, durable, high-quality camera I’ve ever read. I especially liked that they only tested six “cream of the crop” cameras priced from $400 – $900, and explained the detailed tradeoffs of each.

Now this is good stuff

Andy Norrie, a Staff Sergeant with the Toronto Police Service in Toronto, Canada recently wrote an article on motor officer training. He lists the six R’s of training as keys to reducing risk to officers: Recent, Relevant, Repetition, Realism, Review and Responsibility. You can read the full article here.

What I liked about his article best was his strong argument for officers to do some off-road training. Ever since Gary LaPlante convinced me that street riders who carve out some time to ride in the dirt, become much better street riders – I’ve been spreading that word!

Dirt riders ride with heads and bodies over the handle bars, gripping the tank with their knees with just a light grip on the handlebars. Dirt riders learn to be comfortable sliding the motorcycle around with control. Feeling tires sliding under you is a unique feeling and riding off-road lets you experience that safely under both acceleration and braking. This sensation, learned in a controlled environment, is directly relevant to the street. Dirt riders also constantly read the terrain, scanning ahead and looking where they want to go – another principle perfect for the street.

Read the whole article and then find a good off-road riding school and give it a shot. You won’t regret it. Here’s a link to a PDF of the article you can download. And of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention my article on Gary LaPlante’s off road riding school – which he can especially gear for street riders.

Gary LaPlante Article



Test ride for Andy’s Lake Como trip

Treviso - Lake Como test route
Andy is contemplating a MC ride in this area in the fall. Yesterday I checked it out. West out of Treviso to Trento, then north to Revo. West over passo del Tonale, then Colico at far north end of Lake Como, then down the east shoreline, bypass Milan, through Verona and back home to Treviso. More pictures on my Facebook page.

Off to Italy

Maybe this year (2012) I will do a better job at keeping my blog updated. I sure hope so. Looking back and seeing that my last post was on the Dakar trip, I’m overwhelmed with what all has happened since. In short I completed the Dakar article and it will be coming out this summer. When it does, I’ll point to it here, of course.
On the home front, in the attempt to get more garage space I eventually determined I needed to buy a new house with a larger garage. So, in April, we moved to a 2 bedroom house with 5 garages. This 2.5 ratio of garages/bedrooms seems ideal to me and I’m happier than I’ve ever been with my new garage space.
Circumstances allowed for an extended visit to northern Italy this winter. Although a bit cold here (temp is typically between 37 – 41 degrees), it provides the opportunity to visit several of the more noteworthy motorcycle factories here in northern Italy without fighting crowds and standing in lines.