Atlanta Motorcycle Schools


School Overview
Atlanta Motorcycle Schools focuses on instruction for beginning and intermediate riders. For beginning riders they provide the motorcycle, helmet and gloves. For intermediate riders, they combine a closed course with public street instruction. They also offer the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s (MSF) Experienced Rider Course® as well.
Curriculum / Course Description
SB 101 Introduction to Motorcycle Riding
SC 101 Introduction to Scooter Riding
SB 111 Introduction to Motorcycle/Scooter Riding & Street Skills
SB 201 Intermediate Rider Skills
SB 301 Street Smarts
ERC Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Experienced RiderCourse®
AS 202 Adventure Sport Riding for the Street Rider
AS 302 Adventure Sport Riding
ST 501 Scenic Mountain Tours
ST 502 Adventure Motorcycle Tours

Larsen’s Review
I’ve not attended or reviewed this school. They have a good set of student reviews on their web site.
Student Comments
Coming soon. Help us complete this section. Students from this school willing to provide a review, click here.

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