Motorcycle Riding Concepts


School Overview
This is a safety-oriented program located in Fairfax, VA (just east of Fairfax City on Route 50), and provides the gamut of motorcycle training, from Basic Skills, Advanced Skills and Individual Skills and Expert Skills courses. Instructors are career police motorcycle officers and have taught motorcycling skills to students from across the country and abroad. Students leave these classes with the tools they need to enhance their skills, making them a safer rider and increasing their enjoyment of their motorcycling experience.
Curriculum / Course Desription
The Basic Skills course is designed for students who have never operated a motorcycle or have limited experience and is ideal for beginners and those returning to motorcycling after a long break. It consists of one evening and two full days – 18 hours of classroom and hands-on-training. The Advanced Skills course is for students who have successfully completed the basic course, or have a level of experience over time which would satisfy the basic curriculum. It is 7.5 hours of training – 1 hour of classroom instruction and 6.5 hours of range training. The Expert Skills course is for students who have completed the basic and advanced course and/OR have acquired a significant amount of real world experience as a motorcycle operator. This is a 24 hour course of instruction, demonstration, student practice and student demonstration and limited to only 5 students at a time. There is a great deal of intensive one-on-one instructor interaction. Riders who have not attended the MRC basic or advanced course, but can demonstrate by staff consultation that they have acquired a level of experience commensurate with the established course curriculum are eligible for this expert course.
Larsen’s Review
Bill Shaw of Motorcycle Consumer News took this class and reviewed it in the February, 2009 issue. ridingconceptsrvw
Student Comments
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