Tony DiStefano’s Motocross School


School Overview
Established in 1981, the Tony D MX school offers motocross training coast-to-coast, on tracks across the United States, including in California, Indiana, Texas, Arizona, Washington, Maryland, Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Massachusetts and New Jersey. Individual and private group lessons are also available.
Tony DiStefano has been one of the most smoothest, consistent and safe motocross riders in the sport. He has won the Florida Series, Inter-Am and National Series Championships as well as Supercross, Trans-USA, and Grand Prix titles.

Curriculum / Course Desription
Aimed at the enthusiastic motocross rider to help them sharpen their skills with in-depth racing instruction. Section by section, the track is explored including corners, jumps, whoopdi-doos, off cambers and berms. A special emphasis is placed on starting, braking, clutching and passing procedures. Videotape feedback is a feature of the two day schools.
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Student Comments
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