Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Riding School


School Overview
Classes are held 45 minutes south of Las Vegas on the Nevada/California border in Primm, Nevada. Primm is home to three casinos, a group of restaurants, shopping mall and several gas stations. Surrounding Primm is a beautiful desert with plenty of riding possibilities from rocky roads, sandy washes to muddy silt, and a big flat dry lake bed. They teach safe motorcycle riding skills to riders of all abilities on all types of bikes. The schools run Fall through Spring.
Curriculum / Course Desription
Two day class. Bring your own bike and gear. They set up in the back parking lot of the Buffalo Bills Hotel and Casino in a big motor-home. The dry lake bed is used for most of the first day’s lessons. Day one is basics and learning what it takes to control the motorcycle, including balance, braking, acceleration, clutch and throttle control. The second day is trail riding with an eye to specific concerns such as hill climbing, downhill riding, sand, rocks or just plain old dirt roads. It is a day to fine tune the skills that you have learned on Day 1 and get specialized instructions.

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Student Comments
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