Arizona Highway Patrol – Motor Officer Training


School Overview
Arizona’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) offers training to a number of different state agencies. All prospective Motor Officers will have been a Highway Patrol Officer for at least two years, have a clean record and a referral from his/her department.
Curriculum / Course Description
Phase I of this three-phase training program is a seven-day track experience at Phoenix International Raceway (PIR). Phase II training consists of four days of structured street riding and a final day of pursuit tests at the Firebird Racetrack. Phase III is on-the-job and lasts four weeks. Classes begin at 6 a.m. each morning. There is limited classroom and lots of riding to learn and then perfect some incredibly demanding maneuvers.
Larsen’s Review
This training is documented in a RIDER Magazine article review. It is a physically and psychologically demanding course. The class, along with what I’ve learned from riding with these motor officers and being involved as a judge at some of their competitions, lead me to believe that with the possible exception of trials riders, these are the all around most competent motorcycle riders in the world.
Student Comments
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