STAR School – Jason Pridmore


School Overview
STARS is an acronym for Skills and Techniques for Advanced Riding Motorcycle School. Offering classes at nearly a dozen tracks around the USA, Chief instructor Jason Pridmore has 21 AMA National wins. Other instructors consist of AMA champion riders, moto-journalists and crew chiefs and team managers – all from the sport of motorcycling.
Curriculum / Course Desription
STAR Motorcycle School uses a two group format. The first group is for street riders and newcomers to the track who are most comfortable at a lower pace. The second is for more advanced students and those with track experience who wish to explore their limits with fewer restrictions. They focus on teaching skills in the areas of:
– Concentration, Relaxation, and Breathing
– Smoothness
– Visual Skills and Awareness
– Discipline
– Body Position
– Cornering Lines
– Steering Techniques
– Shifting Techniques
– Braking Techniques
– Reference Points
– Managing and Optimizing Traction
– Overcoming Panic
– Suspension and Chassis Basics

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Student Comments
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