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School Overview
This training takes place in the Walters Arena in Wales in the UK and is taught by a team of instructors, headed by seven-time Dakar Rally competitor Simon Pavey. The program is designed to cover an off-road experience to suit every type of rider from off-road novice to experienced rider.
Curriculum / Course Desription
The Level One class is about learning to ride off-road and teaches skills on handling and maneuvering in the dirt. Riders are divided into groups depending on experience. Level Two is for riders with previous experience of BMW Off Road Skills courses. This course enables you to take all those existing skills you have been practicing to the next level. Level Three builds on the specifics of the GS bike.
They also offer an adventure maintenance course designed to teach basic skills and knowledge for maintaining your own bike when traveling; what is and isn’t repairable in the field; which tools and parts are practical and essential to carry. They also offer a Ladies Only course.

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