Wake me up New York

coffee-blog1New York City has been on my mind for some reason this week. Maybe it is because I remember what an incredible time the month of May is in the city. Being in the city as it wakes up from the rotten winter weather never failed to put me in a great mood. Seeing the trappings of heavy winter garments give way to the lighter and brighter spring fashions on the beautiful women who walk New York streets really lifts ones mood.

A visitor from New York left a house gift of some wonderful coffee. See picture. While it is made in Dallas, it reminded me of New York. And the next thing was this fabulous aerial virtual tour of the city. Now the music accompanying these amazing photo’s is not what reminds me of New York, but the photos are stunning. Enjoy.

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One Response to Wake me up New York

  1. arthure says:

    The aerial tour is simply wonderful. And where, please, could I find this coffee? The package along is enough to get one moving in the morning.